Q: What server technologies does this require?
A: This requires that you have a web server with PHP, MySQL installed.

Q: How many accounts can I use with this?
A: As many as you have access to.

Q: Does this work with OAuth?
A: No, not yet but it is planned in anticipation of the API switch.

Q: Can we use urls?
A: Not yet, maybe soon. We do have Tiny.URL support though.

Q: Will Twitter ban my IP?
A: They haven’t in our testing, just don’t use our software to spam the system.

Q: Will this make me rich?
A: That’s up to you.

Q: How long are typical shortened URLS in Timed Tweeter?
A: A tiny url will be about 26 chars typically and Timed Tweeter does account for this. For example, you can have a 114 character message and a 140 character URL (before shortening) and Timed Tweeter will still work correctly.