Social media are all the rage these days. With Twitter and Facebook growing at unprecedented speed it is simply impossible to ignore them. If you want to be successful online, you almost have to use at least the above two sites.

I spent endless hours sending out tweets and learning the tricks of Facebook. It became a real time drainer for me. I understood the importance, but figured that there had to be a better way. I signed up for a membership that helps make your tweeting more efficient. But it was not ideal. You can schedule tweets in advance which helps, but they all go out at regular intervals and I don’t like that. I want my tweets to go out when I need them to go out and not when it is time according to this rigid schedule.

Then I got busy with other projects and I was not using the service much. But I was still paying. Let’s face it, all these memberships add up quickly. That is when I decided that I was going to build my own software that would let me schedule my tweets in advance at the time I wanted the tweets to go out. I was looking forward to building my Twitter ad campaigns and branding strategies, knowing that I could execute these without spending any money at all and without giving my Twitter username and password to some one else!

I am now scheduling the tweets for all my Twitter accounts to go out on a time that I want them to go out, my strategy is consistent and I have noticed a much better response from my followers. I love it, between Timed Tweeter and my desktop Twitter client I can take care of “Twitter business” when I have time. I feel like I am in control again. And that is a great feeling!

I even put some tweets to my friends on their birthday in the queue. Now I would never pay a service for something like this, but since I have Timed Tweeter, why not? My friends are so impressed that I remember their birthdays. To be honest, they are a little suspicious. I never used to be that good at remembering and now, all of a sudden, I remember them all….. Please don’t tell them my secret. I want to enjoy this a little longer.

Ok, so why am I telling you all this? Well, I have decided that this tool is so helpful that I want you to be able to use it too. Wouldn’t you want to build your advertising campaign and set up your tweets for the entire campaign, so that you can move on to the next thing on your list. Wouldn’t you want to send out consistent tweets to support your brand and your name. I bet you do, and that is exactly why I am telling you all this.


Before I tell you how you can get your hands on Timed Tweeter let me tell you how it works. First of all you will install the software on your own server. This is nice because now you don’t have to give out your Twitter name and password to someone you don’t know. You can enter as many Twitter accounts as you have and your password will be sitting safely on your own server.

Next you schedule your tweets and upload them to the system. You are in control what tweet goes out to whom and at what time. That is really all there is to it. Sounds to good to be true? Well it is not. If you want to see the program in action you can watch this video:

You can also try it out yourself with our demo. The demo is a full version, but of course it is sitting on our server for all to see, so be careful what Twitter account you put in there to test it out.